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picture prompt meme

↬ Choose a character from below OR from the full list here.

↬ Put their name in the subject line OR post with yours and I'll randomize. Then:

(A) post a picture prompt of your choosing (be it a .gif, artsy tumblr image(s), screencap of song lyrics, whatever)

(B) post whatever the randomizer gives you on the RP Visualosities Tumblr

(C) post a blank comment, logged in with your character, and I'll pick and image for you

↬ I come up with a scenario based on the image and characters. We play it out. Quite possibly, hilarity ensues!
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[Pell, B: this if you want to do a goodbye thread 8(

or this was my second option.]
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[So this totally happened.]
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making good randomizer decisions

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