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PSL; Post-Asgard, Connor & Sophie

The announcement was made on the network three days after the war ended. It was 7pm, Connor had just closed the store, and on the streets of Asgard every Traveler had paused where they were so they could watch the message. Odin was no friendlier than he'd ever been but seemed less irritated... And what he said was surprising. At least to Connor, who had been specifically told otherwise. The travelers were being sent home, no surprise there. But the dead were being given a choice: go home, remain in Asgard, or follow another traveler to their world. They'd be contacted soon to give their answer. No explanation was given... It didn't apply to him anyway. They weren't dead, after all. He listened to the rest of the message numbly as the full weight of it settled over him like a blanket. Time to go home. Time to leave this home. Time to leave Sophie.

Connor turned off his bracelet and resumed walking, though he made a few detours on his way. He picked up flowers, some of their favorite things from the grocery store (he got the feeling that the apocalypse would make it hard to find a good steak when he got home), new cat toys for Innie, and then swung by the jeweler. He'd walked past it so many times, looking in the window at the shiny tokens of bracelets and necklaces, dismissing them with practicality. They were beautiful, but when would she ever wear jewelry? Presents should suit the person. Still, he had a lot of money saved that wouldn't be needed now, and no matter that he'd kept walking he'd still considered going in every time. So today he did.

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