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Baking Commissions: a delicious work in progress!

All items are baked with premium ingredients and lots of love in my home kitchen. The question marks are only if I need to confirm batch sizes or work out prices: I've made all these before, most many many times. ;) I also take requests, though it may take a few days for me to perfect a recipe!

I'm trying to get as many orders as possible right now, as I am not working while I wait to hear on a disability claim. And sending people treats makes me *so happy* so orders make me happy. No order too big or small. <3

Baking is serious business. ;)

$25 - Snickerdoodles (batch ~4 doz cookies)
The popular classic cookie my way; soft fluffy pillows of vanilla and cinnamon sugar. (Forgive that picture, they had mostly been eaten before I got a shot.)

$35 - Ricotta Chocolate Chip (batch ~3 doz standard cookies; ~5 doz mini cookies)
A twist on your classic chocolate chip, made with ricotta cheese for a light cake-y texture. Available in a mini size with semi and white chocolate chips or standard size with semi, milk, and white chips. I can customize and add nuts or different chips upon request!

$35 - Peanut Butter (batch ~4 doz cookies)
An extra peanut buttery cookie, rolled in turbinado sugar to be crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Available with creamy or crunchy pb, with mini chocolate chips (+$5) or with raspberry jam (+5).

$40 - Espresso Flowers (batch 60 flowers)
Cocoa cut outs with a generous shot of espresso, not too sweet and not too bitter, just right for a pick me up. Available with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles, or as they are.

$40 - Cream Cheese Sandwiches (batch 80 sandwiches)
Super flavorful cream cheese press cookies are sandwiched together with raspberry or apricot jam, then dipped in chocolate and the sprinkles of your choice. (Extra cost for white chocolate; shapes and color of cookies customizable.)

Fudge Brownies $15/tray
w/chocolate chips (white, milk, semi) 1 complimentary, +$2/ea additional
w/salted caramel +$5
w/nuts (pecans, walnuts) +$5
w/cream cheese swirl +$5
e.g. “Sea Turtles” = $25/tray

? - Gingersnaps (???)
Another tailored classic, extra spicy crackle-top cookies that I make a bit more chewy than snappy.

? - Shortbread (batch ~30 cookies)
w/cornflakes, a Hawaiian twist that’s crunchy and delicate.
w/pecans (+$5)
w/earl grey tea (+$5)

? - Matcha Spritz (???)
Available in multiple shapes and paired with cocoa or white chocolate.

? - Fruit & Nut Oatmeal (???)
Made with almond butter instead of dairy butter, these protein packed oat cookies have been part of breakfast on the go many a morning. Flax seed, raisins, cranberries, and walnuts. Easily and highly customizable!

? - Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies (???)
w/sea salt
w/extra chips (milk, white, pb)

Lemon Sugar Cookies?/Ricotta Lemon Drops?

Lemon Bars $20/tray
w/shortbread crust (standard)
w/earl grey tea shortbread crust +$3
w/berries +$5

Guys, these are perishable they don't mail well. They seem to be everyone's first choice and I can't afford the cold packing cost so I'm removing them from the list for now. Sorry.


Gingerbread (the only pics i can find rn are custom sets.... er. I did lots of traditional ones too, really.)

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