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the most self indulgent asgard sub-storyline

Sophie had insisted. It wasn’t right that she was the only one who got to wear the visible hints of their relationship (frequent hickies aside), and so Connor is about to shop up to his pre-dawn training with a slim ring on his finger. It matches Sophie’s engagement ring as much as possible without the stone, just a delicate burnished silver pattern. He already had an idea for their wedding bands from that last trip to the shop and they were actually doing this parents or no parents and wow. The world is ending, they’re almost certainly going to die in the war, and Connor just realized he feels like his life is only now beginning. Between Sophie and the Brotherhood and certain relationships he’s made and lost but grown from…

“You’re nearly late.” Altair is on the next rooftop, waiting as Connor paused to get lost in his thoughts. His head snaps up, as if he only just realized where he was (and that it is not the correct roof), but instead of scurrying over sheepishly he breaks out into a huge grin.

“Yeah.” He slides over on a ramp of shadow, landing next to Altair with hardly a whisper of a footstep. “I’ve got a question for you.”

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